This exhibition was not curated. The participants find themselves together by pure chance. No particular artist was included or excluded. There are no mistakes. Zentangle is a form of meditative doodling that has patterns, or tangles, put together to form a Zen-tangle. Disco was a form of popular dance music characterized by hypnotic rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and electronically produced sounds.
Is repetition regressive? Or is the act of repetition required to develop the mastery of a style or skill needed to transcend a historical body of work and create something new. Commercialized disco music was created for and consumed by the masses becoming one of biggest trends in contemporary music history. “Zentangle Disco” questions the importance of actively participating in trends vs rebelling against them and the benefits of operating on the fringes of popular culture. If the goal of producing art is to make something new: what is the best approach to realizing that goal? Through repetition, following trends or setting new ones?