On view 6/17/2022-7/23/2022

A group show with work by Richard Hull, Boris Osterov, Mark Nemecek, Tony Duvall and Brian Jucas

Opening Reception: 6/17 6-9PM

Open Hours: Wednesdays 5-7PM or by appointment 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Research supports this popular adage showing that within seven seconds a person will make several judgments about who you are and if they can trust you. 

While you can’t introduce yourself twice, artists and makers hold the power to reintroduce their work again and again. A painting made 10 years ago can be seen for the first time or displayed in a new format, creating an opportunity to reexamine past ideas, recontextualize the work against new understandings and rework them via the power of presentation. Introductions digs into this concept by presenting work from a selection of artists and makers who helped introduce themselves to one another (knowingly and most times unknowingly) in Chicago over the past two decades. The work in Introductions serves as a chronological map of each artist’s relationship with one another, their work and their respective practice. For example a pair of paintings from 2013 serve as windows into where a professor (Richard Hull) and his Teaching Assistant (Boris Osterov) were at that point, while another pair from more recently act as a mirror of where they stand today. The work in Introductions act as snapshots of relationships taking root and glimpses of what they have become. 

Its nice to meet you for the first or second time.