Time is a Torrent 

Cynthia Buciak, Michael Cuadrado, Madeline Gallucci, Clee McCracken, Julian Madero, Kim Upstill

Co-curated by Kim Upstill


Marking and passing time, judged in light, sloppily held in memory, ticking circular in bouts and never the same river twice. Time is a Torrent is a group show curated around and clanging against the wrist watch collection of Cynthia Buciak. 


 Featuring paintings by Michael Cuadrado and Madeline Gallucci, objects by Clee McCracken and drawings by Julian Madero and Kim Upstill. In Time is a Torrent, skin, sun, surface and color have a party, have a riot. 

In the words of Cynthia “Time is a dimension, not an agent. What we do and feel in time changes us. Past, future, present  — memory, longing, immediacy. All that we experience happens in the incessant flow of intervals. We are swept up in the torrent of time.”