May 27th 2024: Pre-flag

  • A solo show featuring drawings by Ingrid Olson

April 11 – April 28 2024: peakaboo

  • A solo show featuring work by Jonas Mikosch Mueller-Ahlheim

April 2024: Barely Fair

  • Featuring work by work by Ingrid Olson and Jonas Mueller-Ahlheim

February – March 2024: Dance This Mess Around

  • Featuring work by: Larrisa Borteh, Sara Bastress, Bryant Worley, Owen Fu, Brian Jucas, Nour Malas, Xiaohan Jiang, Yoohee Chang, Alex Stark, Elizabeth Loftus, Jacob Mattingly, Justin Ortiz and Yaismel Alba Garib. Co-curated by Richard Hull and Brian Jucas

December 12, 2024: An Evening of Intentional Improvised Music

  • Featuring Artists: Lisa Cameron, Alex Cunningham, Mark Shippy, John Daniel (DJ), Rob Frye and Chelsea Bridge

December 2023 – January 2024: All My Passwords Are Your Name

  • Featuring Artists: Leasho Johnson and Jessie Burnes 

June – August 2023: Imaginary Persons

  • Featuring Artists: Kelly Breez, Jaqueline Cedar, Jen Clay, Cynthia Cruz, Drew Miller, Jamie Mirabella, Beatriz Monteavaro and Vincent Stracquadanio. Curated by Good Naked Gallery and Top Top

March – May 2023: Two Step

  • A solo show featuring paintings and animations by Claire Moore 

February – March 2023: “They have to see it out”

  • Featuring Artists: Zebadiah Keneally and Rolland Miller 

July- September 2022: “2 Meter is 6 Feet”

  • Featuring Artists: Michael Cuadrado and Kate Morrick

June – July 2022: “Introductions

  • Featuring Artists: Richard Hull, Boris Ostrerov, Mark Nemecek, Tony Duvall & Brian Jucas

May 2022: “For More Years”

  • A solo show with work by Brian Jucas

February 2022- March 2022: “Range Anxiety”

  • Featuring Artists:  Jessica Tucker, Havadine Stone, Bun Stout, Cassidy Early and Jesse Malmed

January 2022: “The Pamphlet Show”

  • Featuring Artists: Andrew Falkowski, Brian Jucas, Deanna Miera, Emilia Lichtenwagner, Frank Vega, Ingrid Olson, Ish Lipman, Jeffrey Yard, Jessie Burnes, Jiaming You, Josiah Ellner, Journie Kirdain, Judith Geichman, Lara Williams, Mia Capodilupo, Michael Cuado, MJ Lounsberry, Noelle Africh, Ruth Poor, Sam Jaffe and Tony Duvall

October 2021 – December 2021: Preventative Maintenance

  • Featuring Artists: Alexis de Chaunac, Laura Collins and Seth Sexton

October 2021: “Witchblades”

  • Featuring Artists: Maxwell Volkman and Tyler Sharpnack

August 2021 – September 2021: “To Make Progress I Gotta Get Out of This State”

  • A solo show with work by Brian Jucas

May 2021 – July 2021:  “pareidolia

  • Featuring Artists: Payton Harris-Woodard and Frank Vega. Curated by Brian Jucas

February 2021 – May 2021: “Niche Partitoning”

  • Featuring Artists: Noelle Africh, Shea Burke and Thuong Tran. Curated by Siena Smith and Brian Jucas

July 2020 – October 2020: “Confluence”

  • Featuring Artists: Jess Bass, Christina Ballentyne, Tony Duvall, Tony Guo, Laura Nicole Haldane, Patrick Hubbell, Andy Hunt, Claire Moore, Lauren Sullivan. Curated by Charlie Heald Norman and Brian Jucas

March 2020 – June 2020: “Oaths”

  • Featuring Artists: Bun Stout, Boris Ostrevov, Catie Rutelege, Charlie Clement, Ingrid Olson, Liza Eilers, Leah Ke Yi Zhengz, Matan Golan, Rob Sohmer, Wangari Methenge, Yoora Lee, Zebadiah Keneally. Curated by Nicole Grace Doran and Brian Jucas

December 2019-February 2020: “Zentangle Disco”

  • Featuring Artists: Alice Ann Cook, Brian Jucas, Gwen Wu, Ingrid Olson, Jessica Catherine Du Preez, Gyae Kim, Yuhao Chen, Evan Gruzis