“To Make Progress I Gotta Get Out of this State”

New work by Brian Jucas on view 8/6/21-9/17/21

After a year and a half of life disrupted, the transition to traveling again, dining out, gathering with loved ones and experiencing live events in person has been jarring. Forced reorientations and reprioritizations. Our understanding of movement and what we thought we knew made us tick has changed forever. The works in “To Make Progress I Gotta Get Out of this State” are based on reactions from a cross country road trip and reflections on what defines progress in a world where the guidelines are constantly shifting.  Misinformation about Covid-19, the spread of new variants, stress and questions about future employment, a painting practice under pressure. When melancholy peaks its head from a landscape both speeding by but in a standstill simultaneously, how are we supposed to renew our worldview. Keep traveling or go and stay home?