The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics taken by physicians, an oath to do the best by the bodies they come into contact with. Medical professionals are on the frontlines. They are saving bodies from forces we cannot see, they promise us they will continue to do so. It is the job of medicine to save – to keep from death as many as it can. It is tireless work, we are so fragile. What is the job of art? Artists swear, curse and promise, make new worlds and bodies, breathe into them life. It is tireless work, we are so fragile. In a world run on production and calculable benefit on the edge of a dying planet, artists try to re-look and reimagine for and with a public body. A body, an attention economy, a span of time that is already sprinting towards the next thing. Making and being with this work, in this work, together. A patchwork of oaths. We don’t know what we promise you, but we know it’s not nothing.