Range Anxiety 


Jessica Tucker, Bun Stout, Cassidy Early, Havadine Stone, Jesse Malmed. Performance by Fetter, Chelsea Bridge and Jesse Malmed

The world is on fire and collective action is needed to put out the flames. Sustainable technology is needed and many promising inventions already exist. In the context of electric vehicles (EVs), “range anxiety” refers to the fear of running out of power on a journey and not being able to find a charging port. It is a psychological concept and a hurdle to the wide range adoption of electric vehicles, one of many urgent changes needed to slow the destruction of the planet.

Range Anxiety has less to do with the actual range of EVs or the availability of charging ports and more to do with mental barriers–habits, expectations, and something that disguises itself as comfort…

Agitated. Fearful that we won’t make it

all the way


Can I reach you?

Fully me and fully to you


on location

on the spot

Here I am.

Are we there yet?

The thought of not enough to make it there

will keep us here

until we become undone.

Shouldn’t we/couldn’t we/won’t we 

better risk getting stuck 


on the way?