Good Naked and TopTop are pleased to present:

IMAGINARY PERSONS / A group exhibition of works by

Kelly Breez

Jaqueline Cedar

Jen Clay

Cynthia Cruz

Drew Miller

Jamie Mirabella

Beatriz Monteavaro

Vincent Stracquadanio

IMAGINARY PERSONS brings together New York, Albuquerque, and Miami based artists who build fictional characters and places. The artists use different elements and approaches to construct their imagined worlds.


Beatriz Monteavaro creates colorful detailed drawings of characters from Science Fiction TV shows. Jen Clay makes life-sized textile creatures inspired by horror and science fiction movies. Cynthia Cruz makes drawings and digital collages inspired by patterns found in nature, animism and psychedelics. Kelly Breez’s humorous drawings and paintings are inspired by the tropical Florida landscape precisely in her home town Miami FL.

Drew Miller’s maze-like forms channel electricity and built environments to be mined.  Vincent Stracquadanio’s spaces collapse and extend via geometry and dance.  Jamie Mirabella cuts, overlays, and rearranges material to develop newly imagined environments.  Jaqueline Cedar constructs scenarios in which subjects behave both as backdrops and participants, observers and actors.