The Pamphlet Show


Andrew Falkowski, Brian Jucas, Deanna Miera, Emilia Lichtenwagner, Frank Vega, Ingrid Olson, Ish Lipman, Jeffrey Yard, Jessie Burnes, Jiaming You, Josiah Ellner, Journie Kirdain, Judith Geichman, Lara Williams, Mia Capodilupo, Michael Cuado, MJ Lounsberry, Noelle Africh, Ruth Poor, Sam Jaffe, Tony Duvall, 

A pamphlet, by definition, is a small, unbound booklet that is used to advertise or provide information on a single subject. The Pamphlet Show was inspired by the booklets which were displayed in the dermatology office that Patient Info now inhabits before its conversion into a project space. Those documents covered subjects related to dermatology e.g., Warts, Skin Cancer, Sun Screen, Plant Dermatitis, Spider Veins etc. 

The Pamphlet Show includes work by multiple artists covering an array of subjects. The only thing binding the work together is the display format. Pamphlets. All work is displayed on a pamphlet. The number of folds or sections included in each respective booklet was decided by the artists, but the maximum height limitation was set at 8 and ½ inches. 

Enjoy the information, patiently.